Certain behaviour patterns confirm your chat line partner doesn’t love you

Sometimes chat line partners are confused about their relationship. Their constant fight weakens their bond, still, they hang on to improve their relationship.

After spending a couple of years together dating partners are able to understand each other in a better way. In case one of the dating partners’ behavior manifest unusual pattern, then it is time to call off the relationship.  To know about this nasty behavior pattern, read this blog to the end.


If your chat line’s partner behaves differently.

If there are emotional withdrawal or petty arguments or insensitive comments in the relationship, then your chat line dating partner has definitely given up the relationship.  

If your phone dating partner criticizes you for small things.

If your phone dating partner criticizes you for your clothes, behavior, choices, then, it is time to think about a new dating partner. Don’t forget, if your dating partner doesn’t see any positive thing in you, it’s time to move on in the relationship.

If your chat line hubby doesn’t give you enough appreciation

In case your chat line partner does not acknowledge your efforts and he criticizes you all the time, in such a situation you must think about your relationship status. Don’t forget, bearing abusive relationship is like carrying corpse on your shoulders.  

When two of you don’t hug each other.

When you and your dating partner fight to prove your position, then it is time to take a break from the acrimonious relationship.  

When your chat line partner hides things from you

When your chat line partner hides things from you, then it is time to go for a reality check. Good friendship lasts if there is trust in it, the moment this trust wanes everything vanishes.

We aren’t saying do not go for offline dating, we just want to suggest, don’t become an emotional fool.