Chat lines are a good distraction when your heart breaks into tiny pieces.

Heartbreak is the last thing one would like to experience in life. But when it happens, it is more fatal than any physical injury.

The truth is, we don’t make a strategy for love, we see somebody, and after a few meetings inexplicable chemistry builds up. We long for his or her phone call. We find ourselves in a different world; romantic dates, expensive gifts and sugar-coated conversation blur our vision. We forget to check the strength of our bond, and when reality smacks in our face, it is the most aching moment.

The plight is, we can’t go back in time to change the thing, so look for distractions to sustain the mental balance. We drown ourselves in books, friendly conversations or some spiritual sojourn. Though there are myriad   ways to distract the mind, still I feel, chat lines are the most effective one.

Chat line buddy helps in forgetting the partner who inflicted emotional injury. By spending more and more time with a chat line partner, one can easily snap the connection from the things which invoke depression.

One can easily get rid of the heartbreak by changing the thought pattern. The chat line partner takes one away from remorse thoughts. Light banter, hilarious jokes infuse positive feelings.

Healing of a broken heart is an uphill task, old memories sting like honey bees, with the help of the chat line partner, one can easily overcome pessimist feelings, if things go one’s way, then, one can also invite chat line partner for a sumptuous dinner.

In the nutshell, a bit of flirting on the phone could be an antidote for an aching heart.