How to convert your conversation on chat lines to a first date

You might be the best looking guy in the town. Your killing smile might have broken many hearts, still, it will not be a cakewalk for you to convert your conversation on chat lines to a first date. If you think just sending the pictures of your bulging biceps will help you in taking the girl on a date, then I only say, you need a reality check.

Girls on the chat line aren’t nuts, they wear the brain on their sleeves. If you really want to convert your conversation on singles chat lines to a first date, then, you must work on a few things, like…

How you present yourself

If you have already won her heart through text messages, then she would definitely reply back, now it is up to you how you take this interaction to the next level. How you present yourself on chat lines will decide the fate of the first date.

Is she safe with you?

Women are fragile like a glass, whereas men are like oak trees. Before going with you on a date, she may think about her safety, Now, how you slay her fears that’s going to prove your manly skills.

She might check how confident you are

Women love pampering but at the same time, they look for a guy who has self- pride. If you prove yourself a doormat by begging, pleading or being too invested, you will lose her. For the god’s sake, never write the messages, “I am a great charmer” or I can sacrifice anything for you”.

She wants a charming guy, not a sulking one

Chatting is a bit of flirtation. Do not take it very seriously. Sharing your past with a chatting buddy isn’t recommended. Telling about your fringes to her will only create a bad impression

How fast you read the signs, will decide your fate

Being an alpha guy, don’t sit on a shore to get the prize. The moment you find she is responding to your messages, send her the invitation for the first date. Don’t forget, if you take a hell of the time, then there are already many guys in the queue.

We hope you have enjoyed these tips, for more information keep exploring chat lines.