How to kill without a bow & arrow on erotic chat lines

You might be as beautiful as Kate Winslet or Halle Berry, but when you are dating on erotic chat lines your voice will be the first thing which is going to create an impression on the listener’s mind. Men do look for the sex goddess, but at the same time, they love women who are the perfect combination of beauty and mellifluous voice.  Women’s voice must have some awe factor which could draw men towards her. Now, what are these qualities, just check it out…

Huskier tone manifests a calm attitude

Men appreciate the husky tone in females. Not to mention, they keep shrill voice at a bay. Reason? high voice manifest disturbance and anxiety in women and men don’t prefer women which carry insecurities. You will be surprised to know, research done by the American University mentioned, dating partners with low voice were more confident and calm in comparison to the one who had a loud pitch.

Hush tones signify intimacy

You might have seen parrots in the rainforest. Just recall, how calmly they converse with each other. Their conversation, sitting posture, everything talks about affection and bonding. Alike when chat partners converse in hush tones, it deepens attraction.

Resonance in a voice makes it special

Lack of resonance or lack of deep voice lead to stingy sound, which is not preferred by chat partner, there are myriad ways to practice speaking with resonance. One is, just hum the long low note.

Voice and funky attitude go hand-in-hand

While chatting with your erotic chatlines buddy not only voice, but funky attitude also matters. To impress your romantic partner do not forget to store sex jokes, short stories in your memory box. And please, don’t look for the opportunity to share this stuff rather create a situation to flaunt your funky side.

We hope these tips will help in polishing your voice so that you can make your chatting partner dance to your tunes.