How to make gay date funky & exciting

Some of the things are destined. You don’t have control over them. Like you don’t choose your parents; you don’t choose your neighbors; you don’t choose your sex and you don’t choose your feelings. Yes, one can have feelings for either sex.
If a man falls for a man or a woman falls for a woman it isn’t abnormal. Nowadays gays are as good as straight men, in fact, in many ways, they are far better than straight guys. No one knows the art of wooing better than gay men, and that’s not all, just like any romantic soul they flirt, romance and date too. Don’t be surprised when I talk about gay  chatlines dating. Like any romantic couples, they go on a date. Though gays are too good at dating, here are some more tips which surely help in making it more enthralling…

On weekends make pizzas together 

On weekends wear sexy short and funky T-shirt, while baking pizza, tease each other or share naughty jokes to spice up interaction.

Take random selfies while exploring the city

Guys… on holidays, do all kinds of maverick things. Jump in the pond, climb short trees; make sand angels or smear the cake on each other’s face. Dude, trust us, these things seemed puerile, but they make dating fun packed.

Find a restaurant you have never visited

Sometimes not knowing is more interesting than knowing. There is nothing like dining in a restaurant you have never visited. Here, eat prawns from the same fork, later on, order sumptuous dessert. Eat tasty cake while driving back to your home.

Watch sex comedies together

Make weekends’ evenings romantic by watching sex comedies. While watching the episodes you can order food or savour champagne.

Go hiking & rock climbing

Whenever the weather is nice, go hiking or climbing. Don’t forget hiking and climbing provides an apt opportunity for the heart to heart conversation.

Turn your bedroom into a personal Spa

Who needs a luxurious spa, when you can cherish awesome moments with your man in your bedroom. Kindle aromatic candles, switch on dim lights, play light musical and give a foot massage to each other.

We hope the suggestions offered by us will make your date an unforgettable journey.