How to part ways when offline dating doesn’t work for you

When you convert your phone dating conversation to a personal meeting, you feel like you are at the top of the world. Watching movies together, lunch in a five- star hotel brings you closer, but the moment you come to know about your dating partner’s infidelity, it’s like a high voltage jolt for you.

Friends if you have not come across such a situation before and feel perplexed, all we want to say, don’t feel disheartened, just follow the suggestions given here and you will easily overcome the sorrow.


Keep a distance from your offline partner. This distance will help in breaking the relation, besides that cheater will also realize his game is over.

Don’t use electronic gadgets to bid farewell to your relationship, end the relationship in person.

Don’t break the relationship amid parties and celebrations, as this will lead to ugly arguments.

Don’t involve your friends in your personal break up.

Meet your dating partner personally, and please, do not present stupid reasons for this breakup, define every logical reason.

Once two of you officially split, stop conversation on chatlines reason, if you still remain in touch, this would rekindle the flame and this might cause problems in future love life.

Don’t date him once you break up, as this could create a lot of chaos and confusion. Try to erase his memories from your mind. Dump all the gifts given by him or throw them at his doorstep.

Go on a long vacation to forget his memories. You can also pursue meditation or yoga classes. Believe us, nature is a great healer, when you see beautiful mountains, floral gardens and the crimson sky, you will experience a new energy in you.

You can also join the laughter group to wipe out his memories from your mind. The breaking of a relationship is never a pleasant experience, but when a person becomes a burden it is better to say goodbye than to carry him like a corpse.