How to win over your male crush over gay chat lines?


Love has nothing to do with a gender, it is the most pristine feeling. If a man loves another man with biceps and strong muscles, it is just as cool as loving a girl or a woman.

There is no doubt crush or love brings beautiful moments in the life, but it should not be a one-sided affair. If you love somebody, he should know you have a crush on him. And if he doesn’t realize this, you can manifest your feelings without portraying yourself as a helpless Romeo.  Dude, there are myriad ways to attract him, sadly we can’t put all of them on this page, so, we have selected a few which can help you in winning his attention, just check it out…      

Please don’t shrivel towards the corner when you see him. If you show your introvert or shy nature, you will certainly repel him. Show your Colgate smile, crack jokes, to prove, you too have the heart and feelings.


Don’t display over-enthusiasm or affection. All we want to say remain calm and optimistic, whenever you find your male crush around you over gay chat line phone dating platforms.


Don’t look into the eyes of your gay friend. It is found gay buddies are bit shy and they like to scan one’s outlook before offering their friendship, if your new gay friend stares at you, don’t feel awkward.


Buddy, try to be away from the crowd so that you could draw more and more gay friends towards you, If you are in some friend’s party, you can go into the kitchen to refill snacks; in case you are in your college, you can visit the canteen or a library.


You can also use hottie guys as a bait. Once you are sure your male crush is teasing you, reverse the game by faking the romance with a hot guy. If he really loves you, he will bend on his knees to seek your attention.