How to win the heart of an Adam when you are on Chat lines

It isn’t easy to woo a man as they carry a lot of prejudice. To draw the attention of a man towards other exotic things needs guts and smartness. You might be Cleopatra of your city, but the man sitting at the far end hasn’t met you, now how are you going to impress him on chat lines?
Don’t scratch your head, we are telling you a few secrets that would make him head over heels for you.

Always remain positive

Men adore positive attitude. Complaints, sulking attitude never intrigue men, if you are chatting with your dream hubby on a chat line, try to go with a light and playful conversation. Naughty anecdotes, romantic incidents and a dose of humour help in strengthening the bond.

Ask light questions on chat lines

Men have a sixth sense like dogs. Don’t get me wrong, I am not comparing them with a canine. The truth is, “men” feel more fascinated when you show interest in them. A smile runs on their face when you ask, how was your day? Or when you want to know about their favorite romantic movies or you tell them recipes they would love to try in their kitchen. Here I would like to suggest, always remain genuine the moment you are insincere, men will easily sniff out your motives.

Don’t share everything on the first date

Men are born hunters, they always carry instinct to go beneath the surface. While sharing your views with men always keep on and off switch in your hand. Don’t reveal your personal and confidential information in the first few online chats. If in the first few meetings, he knows all there is to know about you, then, he might not convert an online date into a personal meeting.

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