Invoke Humor in Conversation while Involved in Chatline Phone Dating

The growing popularity of chatting or dating over the phone is encouraging lot of youngsters to join chatline companies and enjoy amazing chatting experience over the phone. However, everyone using the chatline dating services is not equally successful, as few of them are easily able to find a companion of their choice whereas some find it difficult to find a person with whom they can consistently chat and make friends. the reason behind achieving success or failure might be different for individuals but the things that are discussed in the talk and the manner in which the conversation was carried out primarily decide the fate of chatline dating.

Though there is no fixed rule of chatline dating that assures success but humor if used effectively in the conversation can endear, elevate and strengthen a relationship. Humor invoked conversation undoubtedly make us feel good because it smooths out the interaction and make talking fun and entertaining. The only trick is to use humor properly. The ways in which humor can be invoked in conversation:

Poke Fun at Self – Laughing at self requires courage and confidence and the person who is able to do this will certainly endear with the conversation partner. When one make a joke on self, one is showing that one don’t take self seriously too. If a person can laugh on self then the other person will surely enjoy the humor and it is a great unifying experience certainly. Self-deprecating humor is undoubtedly the best way to bond, as there is no other way to break the ice between the person and his or her conversational partner.

Reduce Awkwardness and Tension – While chatting on phone in pursuit of finding a perfect companion, individuals often get trapped in situation where they find hard to proceed in their conversation. Thus, imbibing humor in conversation will reduce the awkwardness and tension. Injecting little humor in the conversation will help in reducing the stress level and will immediately lighten the situation. One should always try to have conversation that have mix of humor, as it will make the conversation fun, light and entertaining and will also reflect the jolly nature of the person.

Laugh on Something Common – After talking for some time and striking a chord one can try to find some common thing with which both of them can relate. Like if they share some common interest or hobby or have worked in some similar industry, then they can share some funny incident from their favorite hobby or work place. This will further help in continuing with the chat and that too in a completely hilarious environment.

There will be hardly any person who is not interested in something funny and witty and who doesn’t like the companionship of a humorous person. Thus, next time while initiating with phone chatline dating, try to invoke humor in any one of the above mentioned techniques to identify the ease and warmth in the talk.