Seven reasons why women love to date men in their 50’s.

On chat lines and offline many women prefer mature men, it sounds surprising, but it is true. To know why more and more women fall for mature men, read the text to the last and you will understand these women are right.

  • The boys are taken as sour grapes, whereas women see mature men as luscious, velvety ripe grain, Mature men don’t run after sex, they are like a deep river with a lot more to offer. A few couplets of Shakespeare’s “The Seven Ages of Man” aptly defines the difference between a young hunk and a mature man.
  • The other thing that attracts women is his gray hair. Gray doesn’t stand for old, in fact, it is all about being distinguished, prudent and the most sought after. This color suits nowhere better than on men’s hair. If you have any doubt about gray’s hotness values, just take a quick glance at George Clooney, Anderson Cooper, Barack Obama and many others…
  • Men in their 50’s are better in bed. They believe in pleasing their mate, rather than hurried sex. Their voice, touch everything draws women towards them.
  • Unlike youngsters, men in 50’s don’t change their chatlines partner too often. They know the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, so they a pick a few only.
  • Physically, their knees might creak a little more or backs are tad stiffer, they still participate in marathons and other sports competition with zeal and vigor. God knows why, but women love their smell and they see mature men more fit than young boys.
  • A mature person in 50’s knows how to woo his dating partner. His 30 years’ experience is on a display when he opens the restaurant’s door to make her dating partner feel special.
  • By the time a guy hit 50’s he has already travelled a lot. He has been to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef; he has done a safari in Kenya. This guy really knows many places which manifest his romance better than words.

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