Things one shouldn’t do after the “breakup” with a dating partner. 


We are not the master of our destiny. Some of the things are not in our hands, like we can pick our dating partner, now how long this relationship will work isn’t in our hands. We can only choose dating hubby, will he admire us the way we appreciate him isn’t in our control.

If your dating partner doesn’t show loyalty, it is better to leave the relationship than to immerse yourself in depression. There are a few things you must not do in case your offline dating pal ditches you…

Don’t restore your faith in alcohol, drinking excessively will only multiply your problems, the very first thing is, you stop thinking positively. Instead of searching for a  solution, you invite problems. In depression, you might argue with your well wishers or ignore inevitable responsibilities like, going to your office or taking your mother to the doctor or shopping for groceries or other important tasks.

Don’t beg for forgiveness, this thing will only confuse her had she moved ahead in her relationship. You can discuss the things with her that’s fine, but begging will only display your weakness.

Don’t date your dating partner’s friend. If both of you have just parted, try to keep a distance from your  chat line dating partner or her relatives. If you start dating her neighbour or friend, it will only stir jealousy.

Once you break the relationship with your phone date, don’t wash your dirty linen in public. Protect your privacy. Avoid the temptation to share your sorrow on Facebook and other digital mediums. Always remember, there are only a few people, who carry real sympathy most of them just pretend friendship.

We know it is easy to say and quite tough to implement but balancing emotions is important if one wants to heal the broken heart.