Tips to distinguish between actual dating relationship and lust!

Are you in a real dating relationship or in a lust? These things are sometimes difficult to judge as emotions play a huge role in any dating relation. Well, both lust and a real phone dating relationship feel an exciting and blissful. But there are few things which are distinguished from a real dating and a lust. Consider few tips to differentiate between the two.

Knowing the attraction level

This is a difficult phase to judge. When you are spending hours thinking about your phone dating partner, you are losing your appetite, then you are in a real dating relationship. Your thinking level acts in a different way than normal. In these cases, your heart may be racing or you may behave in an insane way.

Check how deep your conversation follows

Your real dating relation will be when you feel like talking to your dating partner for hours without getting tired. These conversations will have deep feelings, care as well as respect between you and your partner. Both of you are each other’s perspective in this world. There will be a deep motivation between you two where both will support one another and thus transforming yourself into a better person.

Check how perfect you think you and your dating partner is

A real phone dating relationship does not mean that you are perfect in every thing. However, if you truly have feelings for your dating partner, then both of you choose to love each other and be there no matter what. You start cherishing your dating partner’s choices. You are ready to welcome flaws and support them in any difficult situations.

So these were few tips which you can check if you really want to know whether your dating relationship is real or if it’s just a lust. Drop us your opinion if you are also one among them.