What your lesbian partner expects from you…

When two girls fall in love with each other they not only share bodies but feelings too. You must know, same thinking is important to keep the relationship going. Besides this, you should know how to manifest your affection towards your hubby or chat lines partner. Gone are the days when sugar coated words were sufficient to express your love. In present times, every single day you have to prove your affection hasn’t faded, how…? Check out this.

Read romantic story or poem for her

Pick a romantic novel which talks about your feelings towards your lesbian chat lines partner. You can read a few stanzas loud, which portray the chemistry between you and your book partner.

Stash a love note

Sometimes surprises work better than words. Like, stashing love note in your dating partner’s shopping bag, or pasting it on her bathroom mirror or stashing the love note in her suitcase or stashing it in her lunch box.

Play a love song for her

While driving a car, play her favorite romantic number. In case both of you are spending a day at home, prepare his favorite meal, you can make your weekend more romantic by reading novels together.

Watch a lesbian movie together

On lazy Sundays or freaky Fridays, both of you can watch lesbian movies like Drifting Flowers, Desert Hearts or Hannah Free.

Call or send the text message

Send her a beautiful text message, this message shouldn’t be confined to words only, but it also talks about emotions.  If your chat lines partner isn’t with you, just email her with an exciting picture.

Plan something out-of-this-world

Plan something exciting for your dating partner. It could be foot rub or shoulder massage or sexy wardrobe, or other enticing things.

True love doesn’t need any validation or proclamation, but if you really love somebody more than you, then you should know how to express your affection.