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The process to draw a romantic partner on the Quest Chat is quite easy. Simply record a free voice greeting and you are ready to send and receive the messages or talk live. And that’s not all, when you are on the Quest chat, you can easily browse member profiles from five distinctive communities. Here we would like to mention, all the profiles on the Quest Chat are genuine. If you are interested in some handsome hunk just drop the message in the mailbox and he will contact you.

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Things to keep in your mind, when you are on the first Quest Chat date.

    • On the first Quest Chat date, don’t act like an impatient monkey
    • Try to understand your chatline partner
    • For the god sake, don’t start discussing your bad experiences
    • Start your conversation with a formal introduction, you can hide your identity
    • Your voice should be mellifluous, but don’t try to impress your chatline partner.
    • In the first few meetings do not share your genuine interest
    • Discreetly read your partner’s mind.
    • Don’t be in a hurry to convert your chatline date into a personal meeting

What Quest Chat offers?


Quest Chat offers a bouquet of services. Like, Free Profile, Live Chat, Free Audio Greetings, Free Voice Mailbox, Anonymity, Discretion, and Privacy.

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