About XChatlines

XChatlines is a premium chatline company incepted with the sole intention of helping singles find a perfect and like-minded partner to spend some quality time. Individuals who are unable to find a partner through social gatherings or dating websites often get apprehensive and get bored with their life. But with companies like XChatlines around, singles have hope that they will be able to explore the myriad chatting and dating options through several chatlines companies listed here. Individuals will find local as well as toll-free numbers of several chatlines companies and calling to any of these companies will allow individual to find a single of their choice. These chatlines companies have long list of members, who are looking for a compatible and easy-going partner and hence by associating with these companies, people will increase their chance of finding an ideal partner. XChatlines lays a fitting platform, where singles can associate with a chatline company to explore the options available and choose a single, who excites and attracts them the most.

Most Sought-after Chatlines Categories for Diverse Personalities

With the immense growth of chatlines companies and increased numbers of users showing their trust and faith and in these companies for finding a companion or partner, the chatline companies have to become much more organized and systematic in their operation. Besides, it also become difficult for them to cater the requirements of such a large number of people without organizing their service in a better and improved manner. Thus, majority of chatlines companies group their members in different categories according to their choice, personality and preferences. With diverse personalities of individuals coming to find a single usually from their own community, the chatlines companies have classified their members in the following categories:

Associates Chatline Companies

XChatlines in pursuit to render exceptional phone chatting and dating services have associated with the premium chatlines companies, who have already carved a niche in the phone dating industry. Listing of these leading chatlines companies allow users with some really good choices and they can fully rely on any of these companies to find a companion with whom they can talk, flirt, chat or simply enjoy some special moment. The elite list of chatlines companies include:

Connecting Process

Singles definitely come to a chatline company in search of a companion but many first time users are not aware with the working process of these chatlines companies. Most of the chatlines companies have a similar work process with only a slight difference. Users just have to follow the below mentioned steps to get connected with a chatline company and start their search for a partner:


Message Recording

People’s journey at a chatline company begins with recording a voice message, in which they give a brief introduction about self and also state the qualities and traits that they are looking in a person with whom they will prefer to connect either for fun, friendship or dating. Individuals need to be crisp and clear in their voice message so that listeners can easily understand it and develop an immediate liking.


Listen to messages of other members

After recording introductory message, individuals get access to hear voice messages of other members. Individuals get to hear messages one by one and upon liking any message, individuals can immediately send a chat request or can request the person to connect through phone calls. While waiting for the response individuals can proceed to hear other voice messages.


Send Chat Invitation

Upon liking any voice message, user can send a message or can even request that member to connect directly through phone calls. Frequent or regular chatting will help both the members to know about each other and decide on the future aspect of their relationship.


Wait for the Response

By sending chat or call request, one shows interest toward another user. It is not necessary that the person to whom the request has been send is currently on the line and hence might take time to accept or decline the request. Thus, many times individuals have to wait for the response from the other side. During this, they can continue hearing voice messages of other users.


Talk Live

In order to connect and talk live with a like-minded single, one needs to send live talk request. On acceptance from the other side, both members can easily talk on phone to know about each other as well as likes and dislikes. This will help the individuals to check compatibility or know whether the two will get along or not.


Add Favorite Singles to Hotlist

If one finds that the person with whom they are interacting sounds interesting and exciting, then one can add that member to Hotlist, which is a special feature provided by the chatline companies. By adding a user in one’s Hotlist, one can easily connect with that person anytime and anywhere to initiate a personal and private talk.


Live Meeting

The mission of finding a single of one’s choice with the help of a chatline company comes to a point where the two individuals have to meet live in order to take their relationship further. Thus, one needs to plan live meeting with the single of their choice with whom one has frequently chatted on the phone and is now looking to personally meet in order to take their relationship further.

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